Absorbo-Lad is a villain in Atomic Puppet (Series). He only appears in his self-title episode.


In his first appearance, he appeared as weak, slender-built person, as he has brown hair with the top of the head as receding, has apricot skin, and wears medium blue gloves, a white long-sleeve shirt, a light blue sweatpants, a light turquoise cape, and wears a gray mask with dark blue lines on the horizontal position.


Despite from what Cavalier said about Absorbo-Lad is, he's notoriously well-known to absorb any superhero or anything that contains power, as when he absorbed Joey, AP, and the Justice Alliance's power, which causes his body to fuse with any power taken from him touching any superhero, also the later part of the episode, he grew crazy with power as he intentally abuses the powers that he stole from, and ended up incapcitated by the weakness that he also attained from the Justice Alliance, until that was the point of the setup, he was last seen on a asteroid that crashed on him as he grabbed on to Joey, and was left behind, slowly rotating on the asteroid.


Image Description Taken from
IMG 3206
Normal without powers N/A
Screenshot (5513)
In the second phase when he absorbed AP and Joey's power, it caused him to bulk up with a muscular built, similar to AP's former superhuman form. Taken from Joey/AP
Screenshot (5533)

In the third phase was when he first absorbed Robo-Ron's power by touching the shield, and severing Robo-Ron's right arm, which at the point of having his arm to turn gold, secondly, he also absorbed Beacon's power by bearhugging him in it's clutches, thereby, stealing Beacon's flame hair, his color attire, and finally gotten a hold to Cavalier by removing his mustache and finalized his completed form, until he lost majority of it after being captured.

"Taken from Cavalier, Beacon and Robo-Ron"


See Galley Page for "Absorbo-Lad (Character)" Here


  • He may have been similar to "Drake Sypher" from a 2005 animated show, Loonatics Unleashed, as well as "Absorbing Man", "Parasite", and "Amazo" from the DC Comics series.
    • From which they have abilities to steal or absorb powers from superheroes.
      • However he isn't the only character of the show that has the ability to absorb powers, another one is Megalo-Don, except his technique is by standard than hands-on.

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