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This page consists a list of people that AP (formerly Captain Atomic) either by interacted with.


Joey is AP's best friend and partner (sidekick according to AP). It's currently not known how AP and Joey first met, but it's revealed in AP vs. Disastro that AP formally moved in with Joey at one point in time. AP can oftentimes be pushy and irritable when Joey doesn't let him have his way. His antics often cause Joey trouble (such as in Atomic Detention), but eventually he makes up for them in one way or another. Despite their differences, AP has grown fond of Joey, and considers him the best sidekick he could have ever asked for.

And they were times that between Joey and AP argues in terms of a disagrement, like in "Big Blowout", which Joey stated that he doesn't like to be or called a sidekick, which ended up separating away from each other, until AP came out with the effect cause by the slime spilled by Mucus Monster.


Mookie used to be AP's sidekick back in his Captain Atomic days, until one day he backstabbed him, turning him into a powerless puppet. It's implied that Mookie tried to take control of AP after the incident, but otherwise not much is known about their relationship before AP was found by Joey. AP thinks of Mookie as a dork, and enjoys watching his plans to become Mega City's defender backfire, as well as thwarting them himself. AP doesn't resent being turned into a puppet all that much nowadays, but he still doesn't view Mookie favorably, and presumably never will.

Bust as in Hero's Holiday, where a ghost and AP is at, in the past, it revealed that AP, while as Captain Atomic, was treating Mookie poorly as saying that he got things wrong, such as Mookie gave him wrong stuff for that coffee that he was drinking while scolding at him for it, may have been then the subjective reason for why Mookie had agenda for doing anything at best to rid AP and theortically transforming him into a puppet that AP is now, and for wanting to be the city's most famous hero, as he'll do anything to stop AP for getting to be the city's hero.

In some cases like in Atomic Goo, prior to AP puppet transformation, he stated that he used to prank Mookie by using the mega super glue to glue on a toilet seat, for which it get stuck on Mookie's butt

Bubbles (Cat)

AP thinks of Bubbles as pure evil in cat form, and has dubbed him "Disastro" accordingly. Ever since he moved in with Joey, he's been "attacked" by Bubbles due to the latter seeing him as a cat toy. AP sees everything Bubbles does to him as done with evil intent, despite Bubbles being just a dumb house cat. In times when Bubbles is in trouble, AP often tries to convince Joey to leave him to his luck, but to his dismay he always has to save the cat.

Justice Alliance (Group)

AP used to be the Justice Alliance's rolemodel and close friend back in his Captain Atomic days. The group was often photographed having a fun, and nowadays AP keeps said photographs as mementos. In Justice Alliance, AP is reluctant of joining the group once again, feeling embarrassed about being seen as a puppet. However, after both him and Joey save the Justice Alliance HQ, AP decides to tell his friends the truth, and is delighted in knowing they still like him regardless. AP and Joey join the Justice Alliance soon after.

Pauline Bell

Pauline is one of the few persons who know about AP's identity. Not much is known about their relationship, except that Pauline is much more open about scolding AP whenever he does something wrong than Joey is.

Such as in "Sword Sisters", when Pauline was trying to help out with Joey and AP with stopping a aligator warrior and attempt to take the powerful sword from him, when AP mocked that when she does something heroic, he denigrates her as it was not close enough to consider her much like how Ap and Joey does, which it furiously pushed her to the point of trying to get more powerful in order to prove AP wrong.

Princess War Tickle


Ms. Erlenmeyer

From a early start, he personally described as "Evil", and wanting to prompt his plans on tossing her in to sun as he intend, He usually a root of all troubles that he caused had Joey being the framed victim of something that he has no involvement on, as this progresses over time for the troublemaking that he done, made Joey to the point to take word from what AP and admitted that AP was right and claimed Ms. Erlenmeyer as evil, leading to him to devising a plan to get back at Ms. Erlenymer, until Joey realized that AP was responsible for the trouble and and tries to stop her from falling into his traps, until they figured that she was evil as she entered the portal.

Rex Bordeaux


Rudolph Mintenberg




Phil Felt

Between both are unknown in early episodes, as it Phil seemed to think that Joey spends more time with AP than with him some point, both however never met nor spoke to each other, in Atomic Goo, he refers AP by saying that he better off with that ridiculous puppet, which it triggered AP to toss things around as he was trying to Phil from either calling him that, in Pinched Nerves, AP's main focus was to catch the thief, while Joey, who was traumatized when while chasing after the thief, had accidentally hit upon Phil's car as it seems to put Joey away from any heroic work and ended spending more time with his father, which AP tried telling Joey to get over with it and realized that it was a mistake, from which Joey failed to that heed of it, which led AP to deal with the mission on his own. As in The Big Shift (Part I & II), Phil implied that the search for Captain Atomic was the waste of time as he assumed that he abandoned the resident and left elsewhere, which this angered AP on getting a hold oh Phil, from which AP explained to Joey about it, while Phil abruptly almost overheard some type of conversation in the bathroom, in the final part of the episode, when he tried to slam Mookie into the garage door in order to save AP, but when Mookie was willingly trying to shoot a blaster at Joey, but Phil blocked which led him being shocked in pain, leaving Joey no choice but to power up, with Phil seeing it in his presence, until he finally realizes that Joey and AP, is actually Atomic Puppet, and figured that AP can talk, when Joey and AP escape from Mookie, who grew into madness in power, trying to strike at them, as the blast radius expands, leaving Phil, who trying to escape the blast, was finally carried by Joey, at the end, he figured out about the secret the whole time, but did not retailate and AP and him finally spoke, but AP literally slapped Phil in the face for calling him Stupid, however, Phil managed to hope to keep it a secret as long as Vivian and rest doesn't know.

Abby Felt

The relationship between both is exclusively minor as Abby doesn't know about Joey and AP's secret identity, as in Snow Maniac, in the very end while she was Explaining to Joey about the events and added that she described the puppet as a wuss, which it mild intimidated AP.


Early Life

Claude was a clone of Captain Atomic, who was created by Captain Atomic with the same caricature, as a attempt to act on playing the role of fame, while the other, is mostly protecting the city, as he explained he couldn't do both ways, while other part that he mentioned , is to mostly hanging out, but all the sudden, Claude's dna is beginning to malfunction, causing him and his personality to disort and change into this jerky personality, which it cause AP to cryogenically freezing Claude completely, before Mookie theoretically transformed him into a puppet.



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