Bad Lair Day Gallery Transcript

Bad Lair Day is the eighth episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Joey and Atomic Puppet visit the old Captain Atomic's headquarters, only to find out that it has been taken over by his nemesis and former side-kick, Mookie.


The Episode starts of with Joey, playing a fighting game with AP, as AP discussing about how he had a beeper in his old lair that used to tell him when it was "Bad Guy Butt-Kicking Time", but as Mrs. Felt, entered Joey's room, and handed Joey, his laundry, as showing his underwear and described as "for someone else bum-bum", which Joey, annoyed, and told her that she was gonna knock-knock on his door instead, as she left and then went back again and as for Joey, landed on his bed, frustrated, and as AP, embarassingly teases Joey, using the words said by Mrs. Felt, while Joey exclaimed that its hard for a superhero, like him, that gets "zero privacy", but as interrupted by Mrs. Felt, who thought Joey said something which he responded that he was talking about something else, but as Mrs. Felt said to him that he don't have to sound grummpy as she leaves the room.

While Joey suggested that they should move into AP's old lair, which AP in a disbelief, as he was referring to the hideout that he used to live in while he was as Captain Atomic, but however as AP stated the having to do about hideouts is what isn't cracked up to be, as stated that a hideout, has to be kept secret, hence saying that it requires hard-working, and making sure to check every secret passage and had to make sure that no one see anyone goes in, and added to not to mention about ordering pizza, which in AP"s flashback shows as Captain Atomic, sleeping and as the doorbell rings, which he came up to the front door of the lair, with the pizza guy being shocked to see Captain Atomic and his lair, which he used a memory erasing device on the pizza guy, thereby forgeting where he's at. which Joey assumed to a "crummy old shack", which AP replied that his lair was voted for being the "Secret Lair of the Year" in the Fort's Illistrated Magazine, Joey stated that it was a while, and added that assuming that it probably already rundown, leading AP to prove it and lastly stated that it was way better that Joey's Bedroom, which he called a "dinky bedroom", so he prompt to head towards his old lair.

while AP and Joey walking in the Mega City Park, sheaded for the small lake with his statue in the center, into the lair, which was however as the elevator door open, Mookie was shown, much to as AP's chargin, as they made they way down, which furious AP saw to his lair was covered with photos of Mookie, and as for Joey, who decide to have a pie-eating contest to who eats the most, wins back the hideout, which Mookie, however lost, leaving the hideout all to joey and AP, as they was having fun, Joey decided to invite people over a hideout housewarming party, which AP detested that it was only meant to kept a secret, which started from Pauline, but it ended up with a bunch of people, AP, frustrated with Joey, who he told him that this supposed to kept a secret, but Joey responded that AP should have invited a few people into the hideout, which he happily remembered in his flashback, which showed a bunch of people, who is having fun, but until Mookie showed up, randomly gave a guy a wedgie, which he describe Mookie as the "Party Kryptonite", and stating the reason why he stopped having parties in his lair, but as everyone enjoying the party, through music, lights, food, and other activities, but just as suddenly, Professor Tite-Gripp, came out of nowhere from the large speaker, as well as Mudman, who came out of the jacuzzi that AP and the girls was in, and Mucus Monster coming out and purposely scaring a kid from one of the bathroom stalls, which lead to a destruction with everyone getting caught in the chaos caused by the villains, while Joey and Pauline hid under the table to avoid getting affected much like everyone, until Joey decides to call on Mookie to come by, which he got the call, just as he's already there, so he got his portable piano, and started playing a rather chessy, lame, off-key music that everyone, including the villains hates, which made most of them headed to elevator onto the surface, but just as before leaves, Pauline and Joey to give them a snapshot, which the use AP's camera to make everyone forgot and asking what place they're in as everyone walks away, Just as AP, Joey, and Pauline returted to the headquaters, and all the sudden, Mookie was trying to insert the tape, which lead to Joey, Pauline, and AP willing to escape, but just as Mookie inserted the tape, with the rest escaping, the lair suddenly exploded, leaving Mookie, flying towards the sky, while Joey apologized AP about the lair, while AP replied by stating that the lair belonged to Captain Atomic (presumingly referring to his former self), he rathered deal with of what they got, and he also mentioned that Vivian makes a "killer waffles, which surprised Joey that he forgot that today is Waffle Wednesday, just as Joey and AP headed alongside with Pauline following behind and said save room for her.



  • AP describe Mookie as the "Party Kryptonite", as in the flashback, as he will constantly ruin a party by playing one of his worst music or by doing something that is considered stupid.
    • The Word "Kryptonite" is a reference to the Superman's Comic series, which the word described as the weakness.
  • The episode title spoofs as "Bad Hair Day".
  • Suprisingly that Warren was still trying to expose Joey and AP as they deactivated their power, although everyone didn't seem to care about it.
  • As Mucus Monster was expelling slime, it didn't seem to cause people to get angry like it did in Big Blowout.