Buck McDowall is a minor character of Atomic Puppet (Series). He first appeared in "Monster Truck Invasion".


In three ways, he originally has medium brown fur, dark peach colored skin from hands, chest, mouth, and ears, and has pale yellow eyes.

While in his first appearance, he wore a sliver space suit with orange lining, in the past he wore a suede blue suit during a show.


Early Life


Buck, during his career as a actor

In his early years, he was used to be part of a entertainment show, where he played as a monkey butler, by which was the same name as the show, he usually known to goofing off as to entertain people, after having sucess from the show, he gained fame and was able to hang out with Captain Atomic, who however, grew a strong relationship as friends, until a space organization decide to send Buck to space for exploration, which it saddens CA, when he was trajected to space unknowningly for a indefinite amount of time, which however Captain Atomic may had been responsible of trajecting Buck far deep into space.

Before Buck Monkey

Screenshot (517)

In the scene where Zorp had found Buck in a capsule

At the end of Monster Truck Invasion, when Zorp and his assistant had escaped from Joey and AP, they were stopped upon an unknown space capsule which they looked through the circular glass and what it revealed to be Buck, when frozen, this however led to Zorp into coming up another plan to thrawth AP and Joey.



Him, Meeting AP and Joey

While Joey and AP getting a hot dog, all the sudden his space capsule was coming towards the crowd until they rescued while AP and Joey were able to investigate whoever was on the ship, which turn to Buck, just AP's memory triggered as he remembered who he was, as Buck was trying to come with communicating with with just a Zorp activated a mind control device and wind up talking like normal people, while after a small greeting, a unknown black van picked Buck up, and he was on a talk show with Rex, while Joey suspicion on what he weirdly thinks of Buck while AP explained that there is nothing wrong with Buck, until Buck, while under the mind by Zorp, who overheard about Joey and AP's secret identity and decide to trail along with both on various activities but when Joey and AP had split, AP figured that there was something suspicious with Buck until he realized what Joey meant but also figured that Zorp's mind control device was on his neck, that he trying to remove it, after Joey and AP powered, Buck went inside the ship in order to take care of business with Zorp, after Zorp escaped, he later resided on a unnamed island after saying goodbye.



He mostly jumpy at the point of time, while in mind control by Zorp, he acclaimed having to sound and be intelligent, apparently he was used by Zorp for a espionage as to gain information on AP and Joey and their secret identity which lead Joey in doubts on whether Buck is the same as AP remember and assumed that he experience weird changes.


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  • His last name was heavily reference to a British-American actor, Roddy McDowall.
  • In the part where he ended up as the first space chimp is heavily similar to Ham, the Chimpanzee, who was the first primate before humans to be launched in space.
    • Although in real life it was taken during Space Era, which was in the late 1950's and mid 1960's, however on this extent might had taken place at least 20 years (somewhat in the 1980's) after as it looked a bit advanced than it was in real life.

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