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Bucket List is the 28th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Joey discovers an old bucket list.[1]


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  • The episode title was erroronously named as "Atomic Bucket List", found on TV Guide website.
  • It revealed that when Joey was 6 y , he wanted to be a ninja, before wanting to be a superhero
    • It also revealed that the young Joey heavily looked to Captain Atomic, explaining the reason which Joey, 8 years later, ended up, being like what Joey currently is.
  • It also stated that Joey had been friends with Pauline since he was 3.
  • The area where Joey and his family house at, around that time where it was under construction, probably as part of the city's population expansion plan.
  • There some notable continuity errors on the part where in the past, some of the people, who appeared in the present, however appeared to looked the same in the past, showing no changes in it's features.



Atomic Puppet Bucket List - Exclusive Look-000:30

Atomic Puppet Bucket List - Exclusive Look-0

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