Bumpkinville is a minor (unseen) location in Atomic Puppet (Series).


Main Article: Down and Out Dyna-Moe

As it was only mentioned by Dyna-Moe, the place is where he, alongside with Dirtbag, came from, who theorectically kicked Dyna-Moe out of town and far into Mega City where he crashed into the building while AP and Joey were at night patrol. Following after the same episode, much of this was never brought up again.


  • Due to the fact that it was only mention once, this is one of the only places (alongside with Cavalier's home planet) that it made no physical appearance of what it looked like, at all.
    • Ironically it could be resembling from other episodes (i.e Something Chicken) that has country farm-like environment that could possibly be a small town or village or just an outskirts.

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