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Captain Atomic Fight is online game, released on the Teletoon website, this is the 2nd online game in Atomic Puppet (Series).


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The player starts in the game menu, there's options to choose from:

  • PLAY ARCADE: This selection will allow the player to play normally throughout the level'
  • PLAY SURVIVAL: This mode will allow the player to play continously as long as the live.
  • Setting:This is where layer can adjust the volume between music and dialogue.
  • Achivements: This is where a player can view on how points they earned throughout the progress of the game.
  • Card Collection: This shows how much cards that the player attains, which can only be won from the arcade mode.

The player will choose the character that he or she want to be, and after that they will fight the other three until the player beat them all. To move your character you will use the arrow keys, and to kick you will use the Z key, and to punch you will use the X key. The health bar for both the opponents is on the top of the screen, so make sure you deplete your opponent before he or she does it to you. There only can be two rounds total, once a player loses two rounds, the game starts all over.




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