Claude is a minor villain and character in Atomic Puppet (Series), he only appeared in Claude Returns.


He has the same appearance as Captain Atomic had, but in later part of the episode, his body became corrupted when trying to absorb more power coming off from AP and Joey as the machine malfunctioned due to power overload , which it resulted having parts of his body rather being disorganized as either of his arms and legs are off balance with one being enlarged and the other unaffected, he also has a third arm, which looks almost similar to the arms that Joey has, and his face looked hideously as his eyes has orange in it.


He retrains the same personality as the real one, but more of a defective one since he grew more of a villain than a actual hero as he was more power driven.


Early Life

His purpose was to serve as Captain Atomic filling in for the fame while the real one is serving to protect the city and for filling in for someone to accompany with until his dna genes causes him to display a jerky personality, which lead AP to freeze him in a Invisi-Shed, right before being turned into a puppet by Mookie.


During the celebration, while AP and Joey were looking at each versions ofthe statues, they recognized that there was one that looked realistic, which turned out to be no more than Claude himself, acting as real Captain Atomic.


Atomic Puppet (Character)

He and Him, were best friends as they share the extact personality, but as Claude's DNA malfunctioned, this lead AP to cryofreeze him.


It might have been possible that Mookie might had intercepted into AP's Atomic Invisi-shed, by which Claude was frozen from, was using it to act as plot in order to replace AP and Joey with something that may convince the citizens into believing that it was the real Captain Atomic, although between with were trying to lure both into Mookie's place in order to siphon AP and Joey, as Claude seems to wanna drain the energy from both as a revenge on freezing him, but as he grew with more energy, with the machine malfunctioned due to power overload, which it theoretically corrupted certain parts of his body, while after taking care of AP and Joy by freezing both, he escaped with Mookie by using him as a shield.


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  • His naming can be sounded or heated in two ways of pronouncing his name, such as /klod/ or /klad/.
  • When Joey questions on who signed a autograph on his picture, assuming that it might had been Claude instead of AP himself as he previously explained that about his role on protecting than fame.

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