Claude Returns Gallery Transcript

Claude Returns is the 51st episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


A clone of Captain Atomic surfaces, which complicates the jobs of AP and Joey.


The Mega City citizens attended the event for Captain Atomic, as Joey and AP explored around the statures of Captain Atomic, including the one that looked realistic like Captain Atomic as he woke by AP's slapping, as he jumped onto the stairs when he presented himself with the crown cheered, with Rex giving a report on Captain Atomic, as he described himself as th real one, as Joey and AP implied something suspicous, as AP recoginzed the ego as he remembered the guy, although Joey implied as a impersonator, althought AP slated that's no impersonator but rather as Claude, a clone of AP's, with Joey in rather confused but was cut off by AP, as Claude showed off his rocket shows and as well as the vignettes of his fame as Joey slated that it wasn't long and as AP explains a bit of Claude, describing the looks and personality but added that he has no powers at all, with Joey asking why AP needed a clone, as the backstory rolls as AP explained he couldn't do two things all at once, and added that he had fun with until he realize tha Claude's genes malfunction, causing AP to cryofrezze him until Mookie gotten ahold of AP and turned him into a puppet, with Joey figured who signed a autograph on his picture, upon on tv, while Claude continued talking, Mookie appeared, with Joey and AP in a disbelief, while AP explained that no one would be able to get access to the Invisi-shed without an voice identification, from which Mookie accessed it, causing Joey and AP to go after them, but the time they got to the Invisi-shed, it exploded with Claude and Mookie escaping as they followed to Mookie's house, with AP and Joey creep in, Claude shot both with a super glue ray gun as AP tried explaining but Claude ignored and went along with trying to extract powers from the both with the power extracting devices, just as he emerging with more muscle power, the machine began to malfunction due to power overload, which it caused Claude's body to come out corrupted as parts of the body are disorganized, as he carried Joey and AP into the cryogen capsule to freeze them as he carried Mookie and decided to use him as a shield, with Joey and AP power up to free from the capsule and chase after Claude, upon the battle between Claude and AP and Joey as Claude took it upon on both, which the citizens booed at Claude, which ran as Claude was angered by fans for booing at him, just as AP had an idea as he says that their dna are connected to it, with AP willing to give Claude more power, as Joey removes AP and onto the third hand, which Claude's body changed as Joey falls but was powered up as Claude begin to undergo another overload which causing his body to disfused and violently explode with the purple goo spreading in the area, as Joey, confused, trying to figure on how it works, but AP replied that he didn't, which ended Joey reacting unlikely as AP, in a annoyance decided not to explain but left.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • It revealed that AP created Claude as a ego version of Captain Atomic as in order to do double life such as for AP to protect the city, while Claude plays the role of being popular by public means.
  • The way Joey and AP pronounced Claude can be spelled in two ways was such as /klod/ and /klawd/.
    • The name meaning "limping" or "stuttering", although it is unrelated to the character.
  • Joey quoted by saying "Did we just created another supervillain", which was used by Pauline in Atomic Detention.
  • With Joey being confused on AP making a clone, hence on how AP knew about him causing Claude to exploded, as seldomely as a running gag.
  • This is the first that anyone other than Joey, can use AP on anyone's had to power up.
  • This is the 4th time that mentions about the history with Mookie turning AP into a puppet.
  • This is the final appearance for Atomic Invisi-shed, as it was destroyed by Mookie and Claud when detonated.


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