Dr. Momus is a minor characters of Atomic Puppet (Series). He first apppeared in Big Pickle.


He is fair-skinned, and has orange hair and beard, and big nose and wears a white lab coat with a puce colored shirt underneath, a black goggles and gloves.


He is a invertor, who inverted an auto lock jar that Phil had purchased from him, but when Joey trying to get him to bypass the auto lock function in order to free AP, however despite of his stubborn personality and had apatheically stated that it only can be bypased by the owner itself, as he refused to get it opened.

While in Parallel Puppet, he created a interdimensional portal, which it lead to bringingCommander Atomic and Puppet Boy into Mega City, he sought to inform Joey and AP to tell if the invention worked but however both described as it worked but created the portal, which it prompted him to build a second verson of the device for which is smaller than the first one that was destroyed.


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