Dyna-Moe is a minor character of Atomic Puppet (Series). He first appeared in "Down and Out Dyna-Moe".


He appears as tall and muscular-built. He has peach skin which is mainly his tan lines, a orange mullet with sides that are brown, he mainly wears a blue overalls with one sash on the right side of his shoulder and wears a worn down sheet used as a cape.

Later in the episode, he wore a navy blue super suit, which has two banjos crossed with each other as a logo, with sleeves ripped off a headgear.

While in his last appearance of the episode, he began to tore off his suit and into wearing nothing but pair of white briefs and then leap off home.


He heavily speaks with a southern accent, usually carries and plays a banjo with him.

As Joey and AP were searching for any detection for danger, suddenly as Dyna-moe was booted upwards the building by Dirtbag, who describes him as Mudman's Cousin, to his person terms, all he wanted to do mostly is help out protecting people. He mostly resides in Bumpkinville.


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