Erlenmeyer's Revenge Gallery Transcript

Erlenmeyer's Revenge is the 32nd episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).[2]


Ms. Erlenmeyer returns and gets revenge on Joey.[3]


The scene begins with Joey running towards as AP asked on when Joey is likely to take him home, while Joey said after two class periods, just as he got in the room, Pauline asked on what happened to Joey and reminded him that today's the test, as Principal Thrope entered the room to announced the class that there will be no test today as he explained that Mr. McKinnon was sick from eating a expired chicken, while the class cheered when all the sudden the sky darken with thunder and a portal expanded, as something on the door is coming which it turned out it was no more than Ms. Erlenmeyer, which shocked the class and started on the test, with AP disruptly trying to on Joey, which Joey wind up stomping on AP in order to keep him quiet until he accidently spoke which Ms. Erlenmeyer called on Joey to come with her, which they walked into a school maintainance facility and discussed on not just the talking but who Joey is talking to, which she dugged into Joey's backpack and found AP, and speculated about Joey talking with AP and added that it always leaded to trouble and just walked, hiding somewhere, and called on Joey or else she will call Joey's parents, while Joey walked along as Ms. Erlenmeyer explained that she had been places and finally revealed herself as "Queen Mindbender" and started hypnotizing Joey into following what she says and says to joey that he had never knew about AP and later headed to class while telling Joey to rid AP, While Mindbender controlled the kids into her commands while Pauline escaped quietly and as Joey headed towards the locker room to rid AP and as he put AP into the locker, while Pauline trying to figure on what Joey did, with Joey having not to know of AP, while Pauline questioned AP about Joey, AP explained that Ms. Erlenmeyer as Queen Mindbender took control of Joey and stated that her plans with to take control the whole school. AS Pauline and AP devise a plan to close to Mindbender in order to remove the headstone, while Mindbender was communicating King Mindbender about the status she had made in control of the kids, by which he claimed that it was not enough, which prompted her to do more, and afterwards she made a announcement to the students to find Pauline, while Pauline and AP stumble upon Joey and headed off to Queen Mindbender as pauline, with her head covered with her hoodie as Mindbended made her commands, but as Pauline removes her hood, aP got suddently stuck, causing them to run around while She commanded the kids to come after as AP flied on top of Mindbender and suddendly removed the Headstone as everyone including Joey went back to normal, and all the suddenly a portal broke in as disappointed King Mindbender lifted Queen Mindbender as part of her failure as Mindbender begged him that she only needed one more time as she ascends towards the portal as it disappears, As Pauline explained that they honeymoon is over, while confused Joey trying to figured of what happended as Pauline will continue it at lunch, but AP abruptly reminded Joey as he was suppose to take him home, as they walked off, a brown-Haired man appeared confused at the mess created.



  • This is the first time where Joey and AP did not power up for an entire episode.
  • This is the first episode where Joey had a Minor role.
  • This marks as Pauline's 2nd major role, first being in Sword Sisters.
  • This is where Ms. Erlenmeyer finally realize that AP is responsible for all the damages that AP had caused against her as in Atomic Detention that lead to Joey being blamed for all the incidents that he had nothing to do with it.
  • As Ms. Erlenmeyer and King Mindbender was communicating, the language that she and him spoke is actually in reverse as if the person were able to play it in reverse, they can actually hear what the King Mindbender actually said.



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