Gorthenmonker's Gorge is a minor location that only appeared in "Survival Of The Feltest".


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Joey sees the warning sign

The gorge is a long and has grey stones with trees seen on the cliff. However, before anyone tries to head up hill, a sign shown any indication of a person going directly to the past above the hill will fall. Phil, however, was the first to fall after failing to take heed of the warning signs.

Survival Of The Feltest

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Phil seen landed in the bottom

Around sunset when Phil and Joey were done hiking and trying to find their way back, Phil took the opposite turn towards the gorge as Joey warned about the gorge, which Phil ignored following what the sign means, in a result, Phil ended up falling off and landed on a cliff, but survived the crash, but as Joey left to the cabin, Phil randomly figured his way off the gorge with the result of him getting in trouble when being chased by wolves.



  • Despite of that Phil survive from falling and hence ironically managed to escaped the gorge if there's no path of exiting, in real life, depending on the uncertainty on whether the person landing, most of the them will land but would end up injured or killed apparently.