Harry Von Follicle is a villian in Atomic Puppet (Series).


He's rather of a short man, who has tan-skinned, has a white hair which actually a high length pompadour wig, and wears a dark grey top suit with a purple bowtie and a black grey suit pants with black shoes.


In his first appearance, when he first came to Mega City, to open his hair salon as with Rex Bordeaux seems to phrase Von Follicle more well as adding more attention to him, rather than to Joey and AP, who been working hard to keep the city safe, though he has tricks up his sleeves as his plan is to collect hair for each city residents, in order to emerge height and power, by manipulating the residents as well as Rex, how been working behind with to get all of the attention, which leaves Joey and AP find something suspicous between him and Rex, which Rex unveiled that he's been using him in order to attact the city residents for hair so that he can keep all for power, the more hair, Von Follicle collects, the more invincle he'll be.



See Galley Page for "Harry Von Vollicle" Here.

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