Hero's Holiday Gallery Transcript

Hero's Holiday is a 36th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).[3]


AP receives a visit from an old friend.


It was Christmastime, and Joey and AP are headed to the Justice Alliance Headquarters, to celebrate the holidays with the Justice Alliance, as they set up the Christmas decorations and the stuff, as AP expected to see something that he's in favor of, especially the eggnog, for which they gave him the less fresh one, which AP did not saw and then came to Cavalier dressing as Santa Claus, by which AP was angered that Cavalier was wearing his Santa suit and acclaimed that this party wasn't part of his expectations as Joey tried to explain AP, by which he headed towards his arcade room, which it turned into a storage room, with AP in no mood of anything, he falls a sleep and met a ghost in black trench coat, as he described as the ghost of Christmas, as AP ignored by it, by which the ghost decided to take him on a journey through past, which show him as Captain Atomic around Christmastime, while waiting for Mookie to get his drink as he got here to give his drink, which ended to be the wrong one and had heartlessly scold him on his failure, and then they headed to the present where it showed the events that had happened to earlier in the episode and as it shows Joey and the rest of the group had explained a bit about AP not being happy about being a puppet and the way the party was, as he tried to explain a bit, but they could not hear him, but as the moved to the future, which shows AP walking alone in the snow, was captured by Mookie as he took him all the way to his basement and had absorbed much of AP's powers, rendered him as powerless and Mookie had been jailed alongside with AP and as the Felt Family been in a feud for the media to suspect that they had any responsibility on his disappearance,theoretically cause them to move away and had show that Joey and Pauline are unable to see each, leading up to future, where Mega City is on ruins and showing everyone, who looked as fearful and worn down and showing Joey, who is more serious and is willing to take out on Professor Tite-Gripp, who appeared old and played as the leader of the city, as the battle out several times, by the ghost telling AP that he has no control of stopping the madness and as the ghost revealed himself as Captain Atomic, playing as AP consciousness and tells AP to straighten up and stopping with the immaturity or otherwise the things around him will go violently bad as the final part resulting the Future Joey, knocked unconscious and was unable to get himself up as Tite-Gripp had crushed him with the large boulder, which causes AP to wake up, as he was woken up by Joey and had started to make some changes as Joey questioned with AP's change of attitude, and all the group, celebrated as they enjoyed most of the entertainment there was needed for.



  • This is the show's first holiday special.

Episode Connection

  • This is the 7th episode to show a flashback
  • This is 2nd time that AP interacted with his former self, as Captain Atomic in most of the flashbacks.
  • This is the 2nd time that anyone stated the reason why Mookie turned him into a puppet.
    • Hence the part where AP as Captain Atomic had treated and discouraged Mookie of anything that he did wrong, whilst Mookie tried doing good.
  • This is second time that they did not fight any villains (excluding the fight scene between Future Joey and Tite-Gripp) throughout the episode and the third that they did not power up for anything.

Character Connection

  • This episode revealed several outcomes of what happens to AP and Joey as well as others in the future as it shows their fate:
    • Mookie tries to absorb powers from AP, and later jailed alongside with AP, powerless.
    • Another revealed scandal and controversy surrounding on the Felt Family where many news resources were detained about AP's disappearance as well revealing that the city has no heroes and forced the family to move away completely.
    • Joey and Pauline were unable to see each other again after the media conflict.
    • Mega City fell into ruins, which Professor Tite-Gripp now the leader of the city.
    • Another revealed Joey into the future where he appeared as muscular and far more serious than he originally were at the past, also the only one that can stop Tite-Gripp, which it was a set up in order to crush Joey to death with a large boulder.
    • However all this was mostly in AP's Dream as a realization that no matter how much he expects everyone to do much like his way, will end up go wrong.

Cultural References

  • This episode maybe a reference to Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol", where AP might meet the ghost.
    • Which the ghost is no more than Captain Atomic himself.



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