Hydronomous is the minor character of "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He first appeared in Surf 'N Turf.


He appear as some form of humanoid fish-like creature, who appeared shorter than AP, he dons a muscular built, has dark grey skin, with a green parts of his face, with orange on the legs, tip of his tail, the right arm, and a orange mane, he welds a green seaweed-ilke trident and only wears a green speedo with sliver belt and a buckle that has a small fish icon and a black cape, his left arm, which has a fish on it, which does mostly the talking.

In his first appearance, he was imprisoning Megalo-Don, who was trying gain power by stealing and absorbing the orange powerful liquid, unaware of Joey and AP, who thought that Megalo-Don was helpless, but instead he tricked them into believing that they are coming at him, after when Megalo-Don absorbed all of the power, he also imprisioned Joey and AP in a electric eel cage and also electrocuted them from believing the lies said by Megalo-Don, after they had to convince him after the issue and later both worked to try to get Megalo-Don to remove all the power that he absorbed and also finally captured Megalo-Don.


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  • He may be somewhat similar to King Trinton from Disney's The Little Mermaid, although he's not large as King Trinton.
  • It is not known of why he's unable to speak as in his own head.

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