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This page contains most of the information of his interactions with certain types of people he dealt with.

Atomic Puppet (Character)

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Although the series has just started, it is shown that the friendship between Joey and AP (Atomic Puppet) is full of banter, but yet they still remain to be friends. Joey has the power quiet literally in his hands to help AP turn into his atomic form, while also transforming himself. When they power up, their powers collide and help defeat the evil they are faced with. Sometimes, Joey just wants to live his normal life, but is sometimes disturbed by AP asking him to power up; In the first episode "Sick Day" this is shown, because Joey is sick, he just wants to rest, but AP reminds him that "Evil doesn't take the day off when it's sick" and begs Joey to power up.

In "Bucket List", when the older Joey met up with the younger version of himself, it explained that with Captain Atomic appearing after the battle, it showed him that this is his time of meeting him, which (if possible) that it was the reason why Joey, who originally wanted to be from a ninja to being a superhero like the current self was. im In most cases, as AP's selfish actions are the root causes of all problems that Joey had nothing to do with, ended up being caught or framed for something that one heard or said. Like in Atomic Detention, when Joey was taking a test, as AP interruped Joey while he's writing until Ms. Erlenmeyer caught him talking, until the point, she sented him to detention for several time which AP's attempt to go on patrol often failed as Joey was held in detention too many times.

Rudolph Mintenburg

Joey interactions with Mintenburg at first, it started as neutral, when Joey wanted to get the one and only Captain Atomic action figure, just as the Toymaker explained, and all he had to do is to defeat the large robot, which lasted a few seconds, however whenever who makes something that ends up go wrong as in AP vs. Disastro II, his invention was the cat food that was modiflied to make cats intelligent, but it end up making Bubbles (Cat) more intelligently sinister and after dealing with that issue, he told Mintenburg not invent any more crazy inventions which, in Something Chicken he did not took Joey's word about that.

Felt Family

Vivian Felt

Vivian is Joey's mother, who seems to care mostly about Joey and Abby, but due to the fact that between both are less likely to see each at the point due to Joey out patrolling and battling evil villains, even though they both care for each other.

Phil Felt


Abby Felt


Bubbles Felt

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Bubbles the Cat to Joey is seen as a harmless cat living his normal life.

In "AP vs. Disastro" Joey has to convince AP that he is a normal cat and isn't "sinister", because Joey's parents are not aware of Bubble's action, especially Phil, who adores him the most, Joey had to take the blame of posting an advert in the papers about Bubbles being "Evil" despite that AP was heavily responsible for writing an article and posting it, which Phil forcing Joey to take Bubbles to a cat show. Of course because Bubbles is Joey's pet, he loves him very much.

And in "AP vs. Disastro II", when the topic about AP claiming about Bubbles being consided as "Disastro", and tries to tell Joey that Bubbles aka Disastro, became sinisterly intelligent, with Joey once again did not believe AP's theory and sarcastically and falsely replied AP about tossing Bubbles into the sun, until later after realized about Bubbles being as sinister but claimed that he would've never acted out like that and stated that Mintenburg was responsible for Bubbles acting evil by having to invent a cat food that causes cats to gain super intelligence but had a minor setback for which is caused them to be evil geniuses.


Ms. Erlenmeyer

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Their relationship is somewhat strained, since I'm Atomic Detention, due to fact that while they were taking a test, with AP being disruptive, which it caused Joey to get in trouble and ended up making Ms. Erlenmyer endlessly sending him to detention, even though he assumingly thought that AP was right about Ms. Erlenmeyer and try to plan a way of getting her back, but later realized that AP was responsible for getting him in trouble hence getting sent to detention, which he had to stop her from falling into the trap, but at the far end, after realizing, she wind up leaving with a portal in the sky.

However after she returned in Erlenmeyer's Revenge, and once again, she mistakenly heard Joey and instead, she dragged him with her, to the school facility, and wind up figuring that she found that AP was heavily responsible to all the trouble that he did previously from Atomic Detention, and later commanded Joey into her, which she described of where she went to and where ended up with, and finally revealing her as Mindbender, she performed a mind control on Joey And forced him to do anything by her commands and she also did on the students and the whole school, except for Pauline and AP, while after they d vise a plan to free Joey and others from her, which was successful and ended up with her being lifted by King Mindbender in a disappointing way.

Professor Tite-Gripp






Pauline is best friends to Joey, she appears to know more of AP and Joey's secret identity than anyone else, her uncle owns a comic book store, so whenever Joey comes upon for any comic he wants, he knows where to get them from.

As in Bucket List, he been best friends with Pauline since they were three as mentioned.


Him and Cavalier are allies as Joey served as part of the Justice Alliance, Joey and AP are able help out on some missions based on the appearance, both had a small interaction.


Between Joey and Beacon rarely speak to each, despite of Beacon not speaking in every episodes that he appears, he does have a abillity to help out from his fellow heroes, and that include Joey.




Rex Bordeaux


Warren Beasley

Warren is Joey's most annoying neighbor, despite that he lives next door to Joey and the Felt Family, Warren often intervenes by trying to spy on Joey and AP, to prove that he's Atomic Puppet, and is not very hesitant to spill out the secret which would not only get everyone to realized about AP becoming Puppet, therefore, it puts Joey and his family in jeporady, which Joey and AP ending up trying to keep him off track when they employ a robotic caricature version of them, made by Robo-Ron, and trying to prove Warren that he's not Atomic Puppet, which the first attempt was for Joey to take photos with the android, that attempt failed when Warren suspected seeing AP with camera as zoomed the screen towards, while another attempt was to convince him as well as Rex Boudreaux, which the second attempt succeeded until the android erroneously detected Warren as evil, which lead Joey and AP to try to stop it, but after they tried to explain it to the android which caused a logic malfunction to assume Joey and AP as evil and tried to fight them down.

Marty The Tick

While for Marty, who unknowingly appeared on Joey after they powered up, he appeared bigger than a normal tick, however between him and Marty did not interact much, as Marty being clingy and refused to leave which lead Joey to suffer by drying out and tiring him which caused by a Marty's excitement, to the point of needed to rest, while AP is trying to figure out and had to believed that Marty was responsible for Joey being sick and steering them away from defeating the monster which lead AP of trying to get him out, even trying to threaten him, until he explained that he gotten overboard and prompted to eject himself out in a more sensitive matter, as Joey described him as "One emotional tick".





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