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Justice Alliance Gallery Transcript

Justice Alliance is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Justice Alliance comes to town seeking to replace the vacancy left by Captain Atomic.[1]


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  • Joey hinted that Mookie was the one who turned AP into a puppet.
  • The Title card heavy depicts the similar action pose that Joey and AP did in "Atomic Detention".
  • This episode reveals that Captain Atomic used to know or work with the Justice Alliance Group as the pictures that AP showed.
  • When AP mentioned about Cavalier's tanning booth, who at first described as anti-aging machine and also turn out to be a energy chamber.
  • As AP made fun of Joey's arms and referring it as "Spagetti Arms", which would be used in later episodes by AP as a running gag.

Production Notes

  • On the part where Mookie was wearing one of the costume that looked similar to what Atomic Puppet is in order to fool the Justice Alliance was heavily based on the early concept art for Mookie, Joey and AP, which was done primarily by Steve Lambe, the show's character designer.[2]