L'il AP Gallery Transcript

L'il AP is the 48th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Mindbender turns AP into a 6-year-old brat.[2]


Episode begins with the Mega City citizens, attending to hear one of the Mayor's speech as he was bet to say something with all the sudden, Queen Mindbender appeared out the portal from out of nowhere, as she shoots the citizens with the power that makes people have a mind of 4-6 year old, including AP, as Joey tries to defeat her, AP fails to as he was acting babyish, much as to Joey's chagrin, both headed home, with AP acting childish, Joey tries to get AP a hold of himself as AP continues making a mess, including drawing on a photo and a wall, meanwhile for Mindbender, in the Mayor's office with the rest of the adults, playing around to do a task for her as she tries giving commands for them to build a satellite in reward for toys, while Joey tried giving a time to AP while leaving the room but end up turning everything upside down, and saw the news on tv with Queen Mindbender, being a sole responsible of turning everyone's mind into a little kid, as Joey went, alongside with his child-minded family and AP to try to stop her as she knew Joey was the only person that wasn't affect so she took it upon on him, but was backfired as AP was messing around with the machine as she was zapped like everyone else and was carried out onto the portal, thereby reversing everyone's mind back to normal.



  • As everyone including AP were affected by Erlenmeyer's powers, Joey is the only person that was never affected by this.
  • This is the second time that Mindbender had failed the mission.
  • First in Erlenmeyer's Revenge.



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