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This page lists all of the characters that appeared in Atomic Puppet (Series).


Main Characters

Image Name Description
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Joey Felt Joseph "Joey" Felt is the main character and a protagonist of "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He is the partner for Atomic Puppet (Character).
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Pauline Bell Pauline Bell is a supporting character of Atomic Puppet (Series). She is a friend of Joey Felt and Atomic Puppet (Character).
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Atomic Puppet (Character) Atomic Puppet, or AP for short, was originally known as Captain Atomic, and is the titular character of Atomic Puppet (Series). AP is a puppet that is powered up by Joey Felt.

Felt Family

Image Name Description
Phil Felt Phil Felt is a recurring character of Atomic Puppet (Series), he is the father of Joey Felt and Abby Felt, and husband of Vivian Felt.
Mrs. Felt
Vivian Felt Vivian Felt is a recurring character of Atomic Puppet (Series), She is the Mother of Joey and Abby, and wife of Phil.
Abigail "Abby" Felt Abigail "Abby" Felt is a supporting character of Atomic Puppet (Series)'. She is the sister of Joey Felt, a daughter of Vivian Felt and Phil Felt.
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Bubbles Felt Bubbles Felt is a recurring character in "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He first appeared in "AP vs. Disastro".

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

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