Marty The Tick is a minor character in Atomic Puppet (Series), he only appeared in "Tick'd Off".


He appear as a chubby tick that has pale beige skin, a dull orange bread, has 4 arms, and wears a sleevless red plaid shirt, a blue pants being held by two suspenders, although it exposes his underwear waistband (which is apparently briefs), and a winter hat with a small patch of red plaid.

History and Personality

Main Article: Tick'd Off Following after the events from "Survival Of The Feltest", as it came out of nowhere, when Joey was scratching his back as what it appears to be a tick that is somewhat energerized when Joey and AP powered and became alive.

Mainly throughout the episode, he appear as happy but excited tick that clings a bit with Joey and AP as he considered them as his best friends, he has a tendency of eating most foods from different places, but weren't able to realize that as more as he get excited, the more bad as Joey gets when he discovered that he is turning gray, face wrinkling, foam coming out of his mouth as well as showing signs of being more worn out by the excessive draining which AP realized and angrily putting the blame on Marty for unintentionally draining Joey out and for ruining the mission, which led to no choice but to extract Marty from Joey's neck, but after AP took it seriously, it led Marty deciding to remove from Joey by himself, leaving him crestfallen, and ended up trying to leave until he saw Joey and AP, unable to defeat the Sea Monster, as for him to call in for the rescue by doing the same way as he did with Joey, leaving the monster sick and lastly ended up heading towards the sea.



Him and Joey didn't interact much due to the fact as Marty get more excitment, which it drains Joey down, where to the fact his face turned pale and dried up amd mostly tired.


At first, AP seems a bit less lenient to Marty, but however, he seems to describe him as a annoyance due to Marty constanly distracts AP and Joey from focusing on defeating the monster as well as making Joey sick and continuiously refuses to remove off of a Joey, which lead to AP having no choice but try to painfully extract him from Joey's neck, after several painful attempts, Marty lamently stated his reason of wanted to be friends with Him and Joey, but now realizes that he is not needed anyone of this.


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