Mega City Stadium is a large football field where most of the Mega City residents goes there for sports entertainment.


It a a large, oval shaped field that contains grass and white lining which is used for soccer, football etc, it has two entrance and exits.

It also has a locker room, as in Bend It Like Joey.


This often used for most sport entertainment as most would usually crowd up the stadium for any particular event.

Bend It Like Joey

The notable event was when Tentaclytes and Queen Tentaclees would often visit there ever year or so to feed on humanity and in order for her and her colony to pursue that is that they had play the game of soccer to play against the Justice Alliance, who been well known for being most champions and even at that time when AP was originally Captain Atomic, but since after his unlikely disappearance, Cavalier was chosen as the leader. As when the Tentaclytes team loses, they are forced to leave earth.


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