Megalo-Don is a villain and a minor character in Atomic Puppet (Series), as he only appeared in Surf 'N Turf.


In a normal version, his body color consists having different shades of brown from his tail to his head, he also has sharply teeth, yellow eyes and a hook attachef to his left side of the nose

While absorbing the energy from the orange liquid he appeared more mutated, monstrous and muscular, by which giving him more shark like face and a larger torso.


In Surf 'n Turf, he is imprisoned by Hydronomous from trying to steal the orange energy liquid that is found on a underwater volcano.

After being reeled in by AP and Joey, for which he used manipulation by tricking them into thinking that the fish people is after him, which used as diversion in order to get access of devouring the orange liquid, thereby becomes enlarged and more of mutant.

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