Mr. McKinnon is the minor character of "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He first appeared in AP vs. Disastro".


He appears as slender built, has orange brown hair and moustache, fair-skinned, wears a black eyeglasses, a purple-violet sweater with a brown sleeveless vest, a light brown slacks, a pale peach colored belt with a buckle, and a brown shoes.


In most of his appearance, he usually appears randomly depending on his occupation, In AP vs. Disastro, he attended to the Mega City pet con, as he is a judge contestant, he also works for the Mega City School as a substitute for Joey's teacher, who temporarily replaced Ms. Erlenmeyer following after her disappearance prodceeding the events from Atomic Detention, while in Big Blowout, he also a gardener, while at his home. He also intended to the Mega City Comic-con in Ultimate Collection, while in Bucket List, he was seen on date with a unknown woman as they both saw Joey who just came in to see a volcano eruption, which scared both off, and recently he was mentioned in Erlenmeyer's Revenge by Principal Thrope, as he stated that Mr. McKinnon got sick after eating on a expired chicken.


He appeared mostly soft voiced, he is a cat loving person, that adores mostly cats, and sometimes a bit fearful, like in the same episode, when seeing Naughty Kitty, he mostly warm everyone to hide their cats from her stealing them. He also enjoys planting as in Big Blowout.




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  • His last name is heavily referenced to the show's director, John McKinnon.
    • However having to have his name as a nod of the show's director, it is unknown if he voiced by him.
  • That being said above that when he was seen dating with that said woman, who coincidentally looked similar to the unnamed wife of Brown-Haired Guy, unknown whether that woman is either separated or divorced within the latter or was either cheating.
    • It is not known whether that woman was still with the other guy as in later episodes which is questionable if its breaking continuity.

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