Mucus Monster is a villain in Atomic Puppet (Series).


He appears as rather a large blob-like creature that is light glowing green a has two eyes act as a antennae and a has two mouths with a least 4 or 5 teeths.


In his first appearance in "Bad Lair Day", it was his first that he spoke, but later in "Big Blowout", all he does is roar, as he come across, he's more likely to expel slime from his body on either side, as he shoots it towards people, causing them to become aggressive and annoyed, but however in Bad Lair Day, when he slimed on a random person, it never caused the person to get either annoyed or angered.

In the same entire episode, he was causing mayhem in Mega City, going from sewer to buildings, expelling slime upon everyone including AP and Joey, just as Joey and AP were arguing which it distracted enough time for the Mucus monster to shoot on people and on buildings and later escaped, which led to Joey and AP separated each other, as throughout the episode, as Joey and AP in no action which ended up with the Mucus monster continued silmming on everyone, which it prompted Joey and AP to try to stop but were slimed and end up fighting and then it washed of from water which was the weakness for the Mucus monster which his fate was being dissipated to nothing but his eyes.



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