Pilot (or as the Atomic Puppet Pilot) is a 3 minutes early demo that was made in 2013. This was tested before it was greenlit ahead of time.


A scene where it starts off on the outs of Joey's door as Joey and AP are playing a video game, as frustrated AP adjotted that if he had thumbs and added that Monkeys even has thumbs, while Joey was about to go mow the lawn, but AP had already did it, the scene shows Bubbles being dragged by the lawnmower with his tail, tied onto, while they resumed the game, but Joey wind up, cheating by covering his hand onto AP's face while slapped Joey's controller, which it switched to the news, where it shows the news reporter, who had reported that a Sock-topus had escaped from prison and is now invading the city as he began to weep, while on live, a character, Nukey, had appeared on camera, saying that the city needs a better hero than Captain Atomic, as Joey and AP powers, AP escapes through Joey's roof.

As they flew, Joey then said that they should deal with the Socktopus and save the city first, but AP insisted that they deal with Nukey, both had a bit of disagreememt as AP bragged that this was his powers while Joey added that its used on his fist as Joey pulls AP of, it deactivates, causipong both to be float on air, which AP said fine, that instead of getting Nukey first, they chose to get the Socktopus and then Nukey, but added that he's still doing a victory pose, as they flew across the buildings and then towards the monster, and punched towards it, with a addition to more beating, riping and defeated the monster.

During the title screen (the original logo), AP finally did the Victory pose.





  • This pilot was produced in 2013, but it usually unknown if this was intended to be some sorta of demo or a pilot.

Differences between the Pilot and the finished version

There were some notable differences and changes that the pilot had that the final version did not have:

  • The art style appears slightly different as the background had soft shaded artwork and some characters designs had been retrained by some had a boxy or blocky detail.
  • Mookie was originally named as "Nukey".
  • Mega City was originally named as Model City
  • Rex Bordeaux had a different voice actor (which the actor's name remains unknown)
    • Almost same said for Nukey, although it sound similar but with less toned down type.
  • The power up sequence in this version had a different detail and effects and Joey's notable sideburns are visible, another notable feature is that after the transformation, Joey would say "Awesome".
    • But while in the final version, the transition had some lighting effects altered and Joey would not say Awesome.
  • The Sock-topus, the original enemy in this pilot, would not make any appearance after this, except Nukey, now named as Mookie ahead recently appeared, as it was eventually replaced by a number of new enemies in the finished version.
  • The pilot had a limited amount of background characters that either one, did not appear in the series.
  • AP's victory pose is a slightly different as he's the only one to say it, instead of him and Joey saying it in the final version.
  • At the end of the pilot, and old version of the series logo is shown.


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