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The Big Shift Gallery Transcript

The Big Shift (abbreviated as Part 1 and 2) is the 52nd and the final episode in Season 1 and the second double length episode of Atomic Puppet (Series).


It’s Atomic Puppet day in Mega City, but while everyone honors the city’s new champion, a bitter Mookie unleashes a master plan to get even.


Part 1

Part 2

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Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the show's second double length episode.
  • This also marks as the season finale.
  • The part where Joey mentions a number of views that the video has, said to be a half of Mega City's population, which is approximately 600,000 total.
    • Some of the clips are taken from previous episodes.
  • On select cable and satellite TV guide, the episode was entitled "Finale A & B" accidentely.

Character Connections

  • In this episode, Mookie finally admitted to everyone that he's responsible for turning Captain Atomic into what AP is now.
  • In this episode, the theme became dark as Mookie, evolve into a darker personality at the end, evolved into pure evil.
  • This is the first time that Mookie was jailed, although in Hero's Holiday, he was jailed, but this was in AP's dream.


  • Phil is now the third person that now realizes Joey and AP's actual identity, second being Warren and first being Pauline.
  • As this was the third episode that Phil said negative about AP, although the previous two were less profound then this one had, which is also the second time that AP felt a bit offended from what Phil said.


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