Toymaker is a minor character and a former villain in Atomic Puppet (Series).


He appeared as a middle age, obese man who has gray hair and beard, has a big reddish pink nose, and has aprocot skin, he wear a maroon top hat, long-sleeve jacket, a black squared eyeglasses, a light brown pants and a dark brown shoes.

Personality and History

In the early years, he used to work on the line of making and manufacturing Captain Atomic action figures, but as one mistake that he made, which is a pink ballerina action figure of him, which angered Captain Atomic and theoretically ended up demolishing the remains of that product, however until this day as he claims that only one was made, which it was sold to Rudolph Mintenburg, which prompted Joey to go after it, as after Joey retrieved it, he ended up revealing the looks and ending up activating it as it poses threat, as leaving Joey and AP to stop, but after it was destroyed, he was later arrested.

However in later episodes, he later became as a background character and somewhat no longer viewed as a villain.


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