Truce or Consequences Gallery Transcript

Truce or Consequences is a 38th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


When Joey and Atomic Puppet are not invited to major conference for peace between heroes and villains organized by Princess War Tickle, Joey is convinced that he can not trust the bad guys so that Atomic Puppet wants to prove that there is no party without Atomic Puppet.[2]


It begins with AP and Joey fighting off Mudman, until he decided to head to the portal as Joey and AP questioned on what Mudman is headed to, as he explains that he was invited to the Party conference where heroes and villains meet as he showed them the invitation, but as AP had thought about it and made up a lie that they had their invitation, as Mudman left, Joey asked AP on when did they ever got invited, as AP called on Princess War Tickle, who was getting ready as AP abruptly called to War Tickle on what party did she invited AP, to her surprise, she had to made up a lie that's she is busy fighting off villains and as one of the villains were speaking as it makes AP thinking that they are having something, which it quickly made her toss her phone onto the pool, with a very angry AP, pretty much realized that neither both were invited, so he decided to head there anyway.

While at the War Tickle Palace, with all the villains and the Justice Alliance heroes appeared there, having fun as AP and Joey arrived, with Joey doubting on this while AP decided to crash in by creating a huge dive in the pool, eating up the food, and interrupted them, all the sudden, Princess War Tickle had appeared as she lassoed AP, angered by him appearing as Joey questioned about all this in private, as War Pickle explained that she is assigning a peace treaty that puts Villains and Heroes to get together and also added that she did not want anything including having AP being disruptive to the guest, as she left, Joey decided that they investigated on everyone, until the point of AP, once again being disruptive and as War Tickle appears again, but instead she tired both onto the kids table while landed on their cake, as she left, with Joey mentioned to AP in disbelief that War Tickle is trying to get the peace treaty signed as it'll effect on both sides of Villains and heroes, preventing them from fighting each other as the realization had hit upon AP as he now realized from what Joey was saying and added that he don't wanna end up as a gardening glove and flew off the palace, as they see Professor Tite-Gripp, with War Tickle, getting ready to sign the peace treaty, right before the clock ticks as AP and Joey interfered, the clock had already ticked, which prompted to not sign the treaty and had reverted back and as for the Villains and heroes went back into fighting against each other, which the heroes had captured the villains into place and with Tite-Gripp had taken War Tickle's sword, which it had transcended him into the portal, after they proclaimed victory until Mookie appeared out of nowhere as AP questioned on why did she invited Mookie but not him, for which she shrugged, with Mookie playing with his piano and AP tried to hold his anger in as he was more than annoyed.




  • This episode explains the reason why Princess War Tickle does not invite AP to any of her parties.
  • The episode title is a pun name for "Truth or Consequences".
  • This is the first time that any hero or villain interacted.


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