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Were-Chicken is a villain in Atomic Puppet (Series). It only appeared in Something Chicken.


It resembles much like what normal chickens looks like, except this one is more mutated, scarier, and taller than a common chicken would look as it has yellow-orange eyes with sharpy teeth.


Main Article: Something Chicken As explained by AP, in the flashback, while as Captain Atomic and Mintenburg, who was opening a fast food restaurant involving chicken, just as the crown the chicken randomly came from nowhere, as AP spoke upon the chicken until the clouds rolled away, revealing a full moon, he violently transformed into a werechicken as Captain Atomic were battling against it but were intensely injured on the point where he could not get him in accurate position, the werechicken later disappeared, until the point now were Abby came upon the chicken as it alewives Joey and AP to keep it away from it putting harm on Abby and the others, while AP tried to put restraint to the chicken, all the sudden he figured that Mintenburg had something to do about all this, as they were ahead to his place and while explained about the history of Mintenburg's restaurant and also explained about him adding something in order to make chickens appeared as a large portion but ended up with a side effect that causes the chicken to mutate whenever a full moon.


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