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Worm Boy Gallery Transcript

Worm Boy is 45th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series). This is considered a double length episode.


When Joey suddenly develops super powers of his own, AP must deal with the fact that their days as Atomic Puppet may be over.


Part 1

Part 2

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Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



  • This is the show's first double length episode, as its broken into two parts.
  • It showed the point where Joey and AP cannot power up due to Joey having powers.
    • However it could be due to Joey's DNA being infected with the Silkworm slime that laced into his DNA, had obtained powers without the need of AP.
  • A promo (shown aside) of this episode was posted on Teletoon and the show's official Twitter site before release.

    A Teletoon version of the show's promo

  • However the episode title name may misinterpret of referring to a actual worm, but it is actually rather a slikworm.
  • This is the fouth time that Joey gets framed for any othe troubles that was caused by AP

Pop Culture References

  • This episode might be a reference to the Spiderman series, as Peter Parker (similar to what Joey did) was stung or infected by the insect and able to develop powers, except he did not transform like Joey did.


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